More than half of all global coronavirus patients have already recovered: Report

(USA Features) While some governors ban large outdoor gatherings and the NBA cancels the remainder of its season due to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., a new updated report shows that more than half of all patients who contracted it have since recovered.

According to WorldMeters, a website that is tracking the global spread of the virus in real time, there have been more than 129,000 cases of the virus, as of this writing, around the world.

But more than half of them — 68,670 — have already recovered. The site notes further that there have been 4,749 deaths thus far as well.

Meanwhile, in the United States, according to WorldMeters, there are only about 1,370 known cases of the virus, with 38 deaths. Fifteen people have recovered.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday the World Health Organization declared the viral outbreak a pandemic because it met the requirements.

Also, Wednesday evening President Trump, in a national address, announced he was banning travel to the U.S. from Europe for 30 days, with the United Kingdom being the only exception.

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“After consulting with our top government health professionals, I’ve decided to take several strong but necessary actions to protect the health and well-being of all Americans,” the president said.

He will also ask Congress to provide payroll tax relief while directing the IRS to defer tax payments for a period of time.

Also, he said he is directing the Small Business Administration to make funds available to businesses hurt by the outbreak.

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5 thoughts on “More than half of all global coronavirus patients have already recovered: Report”

  1. Or maybe the virus isnt as deadly as said? Have you missed the news lately? All these major events canceling at the same time? Almost like a coordinated effort. We know the despise and hatred for President Trump is real. We know the average American citizen is despised.

    Did any of this happen at all when Obama was in office presiding over a “virus?” Remember Eboal? A much higher death rate easily spread yet it just dissapeared. How did that happen? How come no one is reporting on that? There were others as well. Would you prefer we shut everything down and declare Martial Law?? Would that satisfy your thirst?

  2. Your numbers are meaningless. You’re using China’s numbers which are known to be false. In fact they may still be dropping like flies over there and probably are. No one knows the actual number of infected, past and present. Why do you post utter crap like this?

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