New poll finds Trump winning more black, Hispanic voters in battleground Florida

(USA Features) A new survey has found that President Donald Trump is winning more black and Hispanic voters in the key battleground state of Florida ahead of the November election.

According to survey data compiled by Florida Atlantic University, regardless of whether Trump faces former Vice President Joe Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in November, he is poised to once again win the Sunshine State.

In its poll of 1,200 voters, FAU found that Biden fared slightly better, losing 51 to 49 percent to Trump, compared to Sanders who trails the president by six points, 53-47 percent.

An increasing number of voters, according to the survey, believe the Democrat Party is moving too far Left. That includes minorities; the poll found that Trump would receive 45.4 percent of the Hispanic vote in a heavily Hispanic state, a sizable plurality, compared to Biden’s 54.6 percent.

The FAU poll, meanwhile, shows Trump winning 47.5 percent of the Hispanic vote to the Vermont democratic socialist’s 52.5 percent, The Blaze reported.

In 2016, Trump won 8 percent of the black voter in Florida compared to Hillary Clinton’s 84 percent. But the FAU survey found that he receives 18.1 percent and 27.3 percent against Biden and Sanders, respectively.

The survey was conducted March 5-7.

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