Former Bloomberg campaign adviser warns of ‘scorched earth’ against Trump children if GOP targets Hunter Biden

(USA Features) A former adviser to Michael Bloomberg’s failed 2020 presidential campaign warned of a “scorched earth” response against the children of President Trump if Republicans refuse to back off investigating Hunter Biden.

In a weekend interview with MSNBC, Timothy O’Brien hinted that Democrats would launch a media campaign against the Trump children “unlike anything they’ve experienced thus far” if the GOP continues its probe into the son of the Democratic presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden.

O’Brien made his threat after host Joy Reid asked him to talk about the first family’s financial activities during the Trump administration.

“Yeah, you know, the Trump family are epic grifters, and this goes back generations. Fred Trump made his money by intersecting with both the federal government and state government in New York,” he said.

“Donald came up through New York, intersecting with local government and in Atlantic City. They’ve gone — now, they are now in the White House, and all of them are dipping their faces into the till,” O’Brien said.

“If the Republicans really want to make an issue out of Hunter Biden, which is very low-hanging fruit that I don’t think most Democratic voters care about anyway, there is going to be a scorched earth response aimed at all of the Trump children that is unlike anything they’ve experienced thus far in the media,” he added.

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“I think it’s an important moment for the American people to be woke about how rampant the financial conflicts of interest are among Trump’s children and the president himself,” O’Brien said.

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have been under scrutiny after the elder Biden publicly boasted that he once pushed the Ukrainian government when he was Vice President to fire a top prosecutor, whose office was investigating Burisma Holdings owner and Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, by threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Hunter Biden was a member of Burisma’s board from 2014 to 2019, and Republicans are scrutinizing whether Joe Biden improperly used his role as vice president to protect his son.

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