Trump lashes out at media for ‘hyping’ coronavirus; says response was ‘perfectly coordinated’

(USA Features) President Donald Trump on Sunday criticized the mainstream media for hyping the severity of the coronavirus outbreak to use against his administration, insisting that his administration’s response has been “perfectly coordinated.”

“We have a perfectly coordinated and fine tuned plan at the White House for our attack on CoronaVirus,” Trump tweeted early Sunday morning. “We moved VERY early to close borders to certain areas, which was a Godsend. V.P. is doing a great job. The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to make us look bad. Sad!”

The virus has killed some 3,000 people around the world but only 19 in the U.S. thus far. Also, according to a live update from The New York Times, as of this writing, at least 450 people have been treated for the virus around the country.

Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the government’s response to the outbreak. Some states like Washington and New York of declared emergencies, though the viral outbreak in both has been limited.

“The president visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on Friday and encouraged people not to panic as cases around the world continue to climb and the virus’ effects on the economy and travel is roiling global markets,” the New York Post reported Sunday.

“It will end. People have to remain calm,” Trump said during a press conference following the visit.

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Yet, on Saturday, the mainstream media blasted the Trump administration, accusing the White House of “fueling the coronavirus outbreak” through mismanagement and an “an atmosphere where the judgment of his staff is that he shouldn’t need to know” about direct measures to addresss the crisis, according to POLITICO.

Those stories, however, largely quote anonymous staffers — “current and former” Trump administration aides — while also crediting Trump for taking early, decisive action, shutting down travel to coronavirus-affected areas in China.

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