GOP leader McCarthy compares Biden nominating to GOP tapping Romney in 2012: ‘No chance of winning’

(USA Features) House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Sunday compared the Democrats’ likely nomination of Joe Biden to the GOP nom going to Mitt Romney in 2012, saying the former VP has “no chance” to unseat incumbent President Trump.

“One thing they have to understand, and looking back as a Republican, nominating Joe Biden is the same thing as Republicans nominating Mitt Romney,” McCarthy said on Fox Business Network’s Sunday Morning Futures. “It may make the establishment look good, but you have no chance of winning.”

Romney, a Republican senator from Utah, was widely criticized by members of his own party after becoming the only GOP member of the chamber to vote to convict the president during his impeachment trial.

As for Biden, he is seen as the clear frontrunner again after notching a series of victories on Super Tuesday, beating back an insurgent Sanders.

As McCarthy, California Republican, noted further, Republicans have been critical of Biden and his son Hunter over alleged shady business dealings in Ukraine when the former VP was President Obama’s foreign policy ‘point man’ for the country.

“Any elected office that uses their office or has their children who uses their office to get economic gain, where you’re getting $50,000 a month …” McCarthy said.

“The Democrats should be the first person investigating this. All they’ve done with their majority is investigate, but the only place they wouldn’t investigate is Joe Biden because they care about politics instead of the rule of law.”

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