Trump: ‘We’re saving this country’ after Obama, Biden ‘left a mess’

(USA Features) President Donald Trump said during a rally Thursday in former Vice President Joe Biden’s hometown that he and his supporters are “saving this country” after inheriting a “mess” from the prior administration.

Speaking to a raucous crowd in Scranton, Pa., which chanted “four more years” between commercial breaks, Trump said Biden displayed poor judgment when it pushed for the NAFTA trade deal in the early 1990s, which was signed by then-President Bill Clinton.

He also blamed the Obama administration for failing to try to engage with North Korea as it developed nuclear weapons and beat back the Islamic State.

“The country was a mess,” the president said. “The country, when I took it over, was in very bad shape. The military was depleted. We were in wars all over the place.”

“This is not a free life,” he said, reflecting somewhat on the free time he enjoyed before becoming president.

“But I love what we’re doing because I feel that we’re accomplishing more than anybody’s ever. … I’m feeling we’re saving this country. This country was going wrong.”

Asked who he preferred running against, Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders, the president said he had been preparing to face the Vermont socialist before Super Tuesday.

“I was all set to take on Bernie,” the president said. “Communist — I was all set. And then we have this crazy thing that happened on [Super] Tuesday, which [Biden] thought was Thursday. So all of a sudden it’s a whole different deal, two very different people. I think in a certain way, Bernie would be tougher. I think it’s going to be very hard for him to come back,” the president said.

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1 thought on “Trump: ‘We’re saving this country’ after Obama, Biden ‘left a mess’”

  1. And again by someone else:
    – Minute 44:00: Entirely funded by Virginia taxpayers; “Israeli companies can provide Homeland Security, law enforcement, SWAT and critical infrastructure protection with the most innovative and operationally proven technologies in the world. UAV and aerostats, … unmanned systems, …event management, … intelligence, … robotic lethal and nonlethal intervention. etc. etc.
    “It’s just a coincidence, right? That all of this is happening while at the same time as governor Northam is trying to dis-arm the citizens of the state Virginia.”
    “If this succeeds in Virginia, there will be other states that will likewise implement the exact same plan and it will hop-scotch all across the United States.”
    Hr/minute 1:00:00:  USS Liberty VETERANS banned forever from American legion National convention.
    – Minute 19:30 Israeli puppets
    – Minute 25:30 The influence and control that Zionism has over America just over the past year alone.
    -Minute 40:00 Virginia being dis-armed incrementally – Virginia/Israel Advisory Board???
    The Proselytes Of The Pharisees: Taking America To The Pits Of Hell – By Dr. Chuck Baldwin
    What is Trump saying and actually doing (and not doing)? What does a tyrant first do? Take the guns and end free speech, Trump has started the process.It is clear to anyone that can look past the distractions and honestly face it. The booming economy is the ‘bread and games’ while Trump has opened the gates to the enemy (what is USMCA, what is UN education mandate, what is Noahide law implementation, what is Israeli military infiltration, what is spreading red flag law?).The evangelicals he surrounds himself with are just useful idiots, Trump is a deceiver, the Talmud/Noahide law is in opposition to the Bible. There is Christ and there is anti-Christ.It is no longer democrat vs republican, liberal vs conservative or black vs white anymore, we got a new boss and it’s not Trump, it’s Trump’s boss.I believe they’re setting us up, a take over with the help of Trump? We’ll be under Noahide Law & the NWO, USMCA supersedes our constitution & US sovereignty, we will no longer be a Judeo Christian country.I’m thinking Trump and Kushner must be secretly working with Northam.Talmud is Luciferian.

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