Super Tuesday exit polling finds Dems ready to leave Obama behind, embrace Sanders’ agenda

(USA Features) While he lost out to a resurgent former Vice President Joe Biden during a string of “Super Tuesday” primaries, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ agenda is increasingly popular with Democratic voters, according to exit polling.

In fact, according to post-election data, Democrat voters are increasingly ready to move on beyond former President Barack Obama, who brought the party two White House victories, Obamacare, and DACA — the delayed deportation program for undocumented migrants brought to the U.S. as children, the Washington Times reported Wednesday.

Even in states where Sanders was soundly defeated by Biden, most Democratic voters gauged in exit polling embrace his “Medicare for All” healthcare plan, which would replace Obamacare. And ideas like free public college are supported by 70 percent or more.

States where Sanders won handily, like California, his healthcare plan was supported by 56 percent, while free college gained 75 percent support.

Also in California, 53 percent favored Sanders’ socialist economic principles.

That said, the support for his ideas did not necessarily translate into votes, as defeating President Trump in November was more important to Democrat voters. That is what led them to to cast ballots for Biden instead.

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What also hurt Sanders, electorally: Low percentages of voters cast ballots for the first time in a primary, the Times reported. In North Carolina, a swing state, just 16 percent of Democrat voters cast first-time primary ballots. The figure in Texas was 13 percent.

Sanders lost both of those states. But while Biden says he can put together the same coalition of voters that Obama won in 2008 and 2012, Sanders’ ideas are clearly driving the policy conversation, the Times reported.

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