Ivanka Trump registered as a ‘proud Republican’ after years of being a Democrat

(USA Features) First daughter Ivanka Trump, who serves as a senior adviser to her president father, declared Monday she has recently registered as a “proud Trump Republican” after years of donating to Democratic candidates and supporting progressive causes.

In a for The New York Times, Annie Karni and Maggie Haberman write that Ivanka Trump’s status as a “card-carrying member of her father’s ‘Make America Great Again’ coalition is now complete.”

After missing the registration deadline in 2016, Ms. Trump told the Times she decided to switch her voter registration from Democrat to Republican so she could cast a ballot for her father in New York’s GOP primary.

The Times noted that she officially switched parties in October 2018.

“I am a proud Trump Republican,” she told the outlet in a Monday interview. “I believe he’s broadened the reach of the Republican Party, which is really important to me.”

In describing her political shift, Ms. Trump said she wasn’t “going to speculate” on other people’s projections of her or about her.

“In areas outside of my portfolio, I tend to agree more with the more conservative viewpoint more often than where the Democrats are today. No one person or party has a monopoly on good ideas,” she said.

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