Florida A & M student praises Trump, says he should get credit for progress at historically black colleges

(USA Features) A Florida A & M student said Sunday that President Donald Trump should get more credit for working to bolster and improve historically black colleges.

Chrichanni Watson, in an interview with Breitbart News Radio, said “you’ve got to give the man some credit” when it came to increasing federal funding for historically black institutions of higher learning and offering other measures of support.

“In Washington, D.C., I had the opportunity to work with a Republican representative, this is my first experience with the conservative movement, and I was just blown away,” said Watson. “So I had the idea to bring that same energy back to my university in Tallahassee.”

Watson, who is working to open the first Talking Points USA chapter at her university, noted further regarding the president, “I personally think he’s making progress.”

“The first thing that I looked into, especially at my university, is how he recently signed for HBCU’s to be permanently funded.”

“That directly impacts us, as HBCU students, and that’s something that cannot be said for the last administration,” she added. “I mean, you’ve got to give the man some credit.”

Watson said that while she believes Trump has done a lot for the black community, most of her peers on campus don’t want to hear that.

“They’re not receptive to it,” said Watson. “They’re really open to the idea of learning more about whatever you have to say. If you’re trying to get their attention, the last thing you want to mention is the president.”

She also noted that she was recently attacked on social media for speaking in support of Trump.

“This summer, I said something about this president on Twitter and my school definitely was not receptive of it,” said Watson. “They were calling me sell out, they were saying I was brainwashed, they were saying all these things, and the tweets just would not end.”

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