Trump national security official K.T. McFarland says Robert Mueller’s attorneys tried to entrap her

Longtime GOP political operative and former national security official K.T. McFarland told a Washington, D.C., radio program Wednesday that prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller tried to force her to admit to a crime or implicate Trump administration officials in wrongdoing.

McFarland, who served a short stint early on in the Trump administration as deputy national security adviser under then-adviser Michael Flynn, said Mueller’s prosecutors put her through “20, 30, 40 hours of hell,” though she did not believe she or anyone else had done anything wrong.

She described the “trauma” she experienced at the hands of Mueller’s interrogators in November of 2017 after leaving her post in May of that year during an interview on WMAL radio in Washington DC.

She told the program she was at a distinct disadvantage during her questioning because she no longer had access to any White House files, American Greatness reported.

“I am the original girl scout,” the former deputy national security adviser said. “I followed all the rules, I turned in all of my files and my phone logs and my test messages and emails when I left government, didn’t leak to the press.”

But, she added, “playing by the rules” is what got her “in so much trouble.”

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“When the Mueller people came knocking at my door, they started quizzing me on stuff that I didn’t have access to and didn’t remember 100 percent accurately, and it allowed them to say, ‘well you must be lying then,’” McFarland told WMAL hosts Vince Coglianese and Mary Walter.

Asked why she didn’t end up in the same position as Flynn, who pleaded guilty to one count of lying to prosecutors, McFarland responded, “Because I didn’t break.”

“They gave me the distinct impression after … 20, 30, 40 hours of hell that they wanted me to either plead guilty to a crime I didn’t feel I committed, or to talk about other people having done things that I didn’t think they had done,” she said.

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The ordeal was so traumatizing, she explained, that after it was over she and her husband moved to a remote part of Scotland to unwind and reflect.

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