South Bend residents, officials, claim Buttigieg is ‘unqualified’ to be president

Residents and city officials of South Bend, Ind., said this week they don’t believe former Mayor Pete Buttigieg is qualified to be president based on his job performance in their city.

“If he’s the next president, I fear for our country. He couldn’t run our city. How can he run the United States?” Michelle Burger, a 42-year-old mother, told the New York Post this week.

“Look at all the crime — he didn’t do anything about it. Look at our quality of life. If he becomes president, the United States will become one big South Bend — a giant sinkhole. We’ll be in a new depression,” Burger said.

Rev. Sylvester Williams Jr., who is part of the Interfaith Christian Union in South Bend, told the paper about the escalating murder rates during Buttigieg’s tenure.

“We had a record number of homicides during his time as mayor,” Williams Jr. said. “And it didn’t seem like he was feeling the people’s psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

“It seemed like he was focused on creating a progressive city, that he was above tending to those basic needs,” he added.

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Buttigieg is polling near the top of the field of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders and actually leads the pack in terms of delegates.

But even city officials said they don’t believe he’s ready for the White House.

Councilman Henry Davis Jr. called Buttigieg “inept” and a person who “always and one foot out the door” during his tenure as mayor.

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“He really has never been here and committed to the growth and the [functionality] of this community. It’s always been a gateway to something that he believed was larger,” Davis Jr. said, the Post reported.

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