Dershowitz: George Soros asked Obama to investigate undisclosed person

Harvard Professor Emeritus and former impeachment attorney Alan Dershowitz said on Sunday that Leftist billionaire George Soros once implored President Barack Obama to investigate someone.

During an interview on Breitbart News Sunday, Dershowitz did not identify the person but said the name would soon be revealed in a lawsuit that has yet to be filed.

“That’s not unusual. That is not unusual,” Dershowitz said during the interview.

“People whisper to presidents all the time. Presidents whisper to [the] Justice Department all the time. It’s very common,” he said.

“It’s wrong, whoever does it, but it’s common, and we shouldn’t think that it’s unique to any particular president,” the Harvard professor added.

His comments come as Democrats have stepped up attacks against President Trump and Attorney General William Barr in the wake of the latter’s efforts last week to mitigate what he views as an unfair sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone.

He was convicted last year for lying to Congress, obstructing Congress, and witness tampering.

Also, Democrats have charged Trump with improperly asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, though the transcript of a phone call cited by the president’s political opponents does not show that Trump made such a demand.

“I have in my possession the actual 302 form [an FBI record of an interview], which documents this issue, and it will, at the right time, come out. But I’m not free to disclose it now because it’s a case that’s not yet been filed,” Dershowitz told Breitbart Radio.

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