Former NYPD officer Dan Bongino blames ‘radical Left’ policies for weekend attacks on cops

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, a former New York Police Department officer and Secret Service agent, blasted “radical Left” policies for a pair of assassination attempts against officers over the weekend.

The attacks, which left two officers wounded, is a result of “making the cops a political punching bag,” he said during a Monday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“This is almost exclusively a problem with the radical left,” Bongino said. “I have vivid memories of my time with the police department in New York City from 1995 to 1999 and I have never seen anything like this.”

He added that “there has always been street crime, there has always been violence against police” but not conversations in NYPD police precincts “about potentially being assassinated while going to work.”

Police have identified the suspect as Robert Williams, saying he carried out two “assassination attempts” on officers in the Bronx less than 12 hours apart. Williams was taken into custody on Sunday morning after unloading his 9mm handgun on officers, wounding a police lieutenant in his upper left arm.

“What is going on?” asked Bongino. “Why is it happening in these places where you see political leaders using cops as a political football and beating up on them all the time? Is this not a serious question worth entertaining?”

“I mean there’s a thin line between chaos and civilization. Everybody knows that. That’s not hyperbolic to say that and who mans that line? Our cops. And you want to make them a political punching bag? I mean it’s time to open our eyes. It’s a serious, serious problem,” he added.

“This problem of making the cops a political punching bag, this is almost exclusively a problem with the radical left,” Bongino said.

“So liberals, get your blinders off and listen for a minute,” he continued. “When you make the cops the focus of your political ire, ridiculously so because you think you can get a few points in your polls, and you start beating up on the cops and supporting all these anti-cop movements, shocker, a lot of people in the public who look up to you and respect you if you’re a political leader are going to adopt that and become anti-cop themselves.”

Bongino, who said he was on the force when presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani was mayor, said policies then made for much safer streets.

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