Former lead Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann says look to Italian model to oust ‘amoral’ Trump

Former lead Trump-Russia investigation prosecutor Andrew Weissmann called President Trump “amoral” and a “demigod” during an interview Friday, and suggested an Italian model to “get rid of” him.

During an interview on MSNBC, Weissmann (above, right) also complained that he could never get the president to agree to a sit-down interview, something Trump often said he would do but did not on the advice of his own counsel.

Conservatives responded that due to his comments, it was clear that Weissmann’s goal the entire time he was working on behalf of special counsel Robert Mueller was to oust the president from office, not find the truth.

Commenting after the Senate voted Thursday to acquit President Trump of two impeachment articles, Weissmann also ridiculed Democrats for purchasing a dossier based on Russian sources that was a hoax, but was nevertheless utilized by the FBI to obtain warrants to spy on a 2016 Trump campaign figure.

In his Thursday remarks, Weissmann said that the way in which Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi — a populist/conservative like President Trump — was ousted from office is a model for Democrats.

Like Trump, Berlusconi is a billionaire; his political opponents charged that he used government policy to help his own companies.

He was eventually convicted of tax fraud after serving longer than any previous post-World War II prime minister.

“There was something very interesting when the Italians were trying to get rid of Berlusconi and they had very very similar demigod who also was amoral,” Weissmann said.

“And one of the ways they did it was you don’t just talk about his personal failings. You go to the facts. You talk about why his policies are wrong,” he continued.

“I think that’s what the Democrats have to point out. All of this is just adjectives. There’s actually a complete dearth of the president’s saying what actually is wrong with these people. What have they actually said that’s incorrect.”

Trump did not sit down for depositions, but he did answer in writing every question put to him by Mueller. He also made every White House official available to be questioned.

“So if you notice the president is happy to talk today about ‘oh this evil and these people are corrupt.’ But when it came time for him to put up or shut up, which is are you willing to actually say this under oath or even in an interview, he is completely silent,” Weissmann told MSNBC.

Republican National Committee spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington, who posted the interview on Twitter, noted that Weissmann is only upset because he never got what he really wanted: A potential perjury trap.

“Whether he realizes it or not, Andrew Weissmann just admitted what we always knew,” she said. “The purpose of the Mueller investigation was ‘trying to get rid of’ President Trump and laying a perjury trap. The President didn’t fall for it, and the truth WON.”

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5 thoughts on “Former lead Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann says look to Italian model to oust ‘amoral’ Trump”

  1. In point of fact, Andy Weissmann is a Professionally trained LIAR = Lawyer. If he had any morals, he would have brought prosecution to those responsible for the murder of US Agent Brian Terry (Berry Obama and Eric Holder being the leaders) the criminal prosecution for fraud and abuse of office for Obama & company using fake information to illegally wiretap a candidate for POTUS…. the list goes on and on.

  2. This guy Weissmann is a crook that should be in jail one of the most corrupt lawyers in the country .Can you say Ted Stevens boys and girls?One should read the book that Sidney Powell wrote about what a scum bag this guy is .Who does he think he is fooling.

  3. wrong Wrong WRONG, Einstein; In order to point out what’s wrong with Trump’s “policies”, it would lay bare their OWN clueless,feckless and incomprehensible “policies”, the few they have. It’s a tough go at it when all you’ve got to offer is envy, bitterness, resentment, victimhood and above all… lie after lie after LIE.

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