Trump hits 49 percent approval in latest Gallup poll, garnering highest rating yet

Despite a four-month impeachment odyssey that is set to conclude with a likely acquittal on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s approval ratings in the latest Gallup survey are his highest to date in that poll.

The president’s approval rating stood at 49 percent with his status among Republicans and Independents rising, though he remains overwhelmingly unfavorable among Democrats.

The poll found:

  • 49% approve overall.
  • 50% disapprove overall.
  • 1% have no opinion.
  • 94% of Republicans approve.
  • 7% of Democrats approve.
  • 42% of independents approve.

“Gallup notes that the gap between Democrats and Republicans is 87-points, the largest measured in any poll of theirs to date, beating the previous record that Trump and former President Barack Obama jointly held by a single point,” the survey firm reported.

In addition, the survey found:

  • 53% of Americans approve of the U.S. attack that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.
  • 63% approve of Trump’s handling the economy.
  • 47% approve of Trump’s work on foreign affairs.
  • 50% approve of his job on foreign trade.

The president’s foreign affairs and foreign trade approval numbers are also his highest thus far measured by Gallup.

The percentage of voters who believe Trump deserves to be reelected has risen in the Gallup survey as well, from 41 percent taken just before the 2018 midterms to 50 percent in the latest survey.

Trump is scheduled to give his third State of the Union Address Tuesday evening.

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