Senate leader McConnell calls for end to Democrats’ ‘nonsense impeachment’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled his frustration with the House Democrat-led impeachment of President Donald Trump on Tuesday, calling for an end to the “nonsense.”

The Kentucky Republican said Trump’s only high crime and misdemeanor, to Democrats, was defeating their candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

“That is the original sin of this presidency — that he won and they lost,” McConnell on the floor of the Senate.

He pointed a finger at House Democrats and accused them of abusing power — one of their articles of impeachment against the president over his alleged misdeeds regarding Ukraine.

McConnell added that Democrats pursued the only partisan impeachment in the country’s history because of their hatred for the president, not because he had done anything wrong.

“The impeachment power exists for a reason. It is no nullity, but invoking it on a partisan whim to settle three-year-old political scores…it insults the framers’ design,” McConnell said, calling the effort a “nonsense impeachment.”

He added that the impeachment was the first by the House of Representatives that was “unbound by criminal law,” saying the charge of obstruction of Congress is “nonsense” because executive privilege has always been litigated in impeachment proceedings.

“We have indeed witnessed an abuse of power,” McConnell said. “We must vote to reject the House abuse of power. Vote to protect our institutions.”

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