GOP senator: Biden could be impeached if he wins in 2020 over Ukraine

A Republican senator on Sunday offered up the possibility that should he defeat President Donald Trump in November, Joe Biden could actually be impeached over his involvement with Ukraine during the Obama administration.

“I think this door of impeachable whatever has been opened,” Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) told Bloomberg News.

“Joe Biden should be very careful what he’s asking for because, you know, we can have a situation where if it should ever be President Biden, that immediately, people, right the day after he would be elected would be saying, ‘Well, we’re going to impeach him,'” she added.

Ernst noted that a GOP House majority, if the party regains control of the lower chamber later this year, could impeach Biden “for being assigned to take on Ukrainian corruption yet turning a blind eye to Burisma because his son was on the board making over a million dollars a year.”

Burisma Holdings is an energy firm that employed Hunter Biden for some five years as a board member for reported $83,000 a month.

As Obama’s vice president, Biden was assigned as the “point man” on Ukraine, tasked with ensuring the country was battling corruption in exchange for receiving American financial aid.

Joe Biden is on video at a Council on Foreign Relations event in 2018 boasting that he got Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired after threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid. The prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was in the process of investigating corruption allegations involving Burisma while his son was employed there.

The former vice president responded to Ernst on Sunday.

“She just reinforces everything that was the reason why the president was being impeached: They very much don’t want to face me obviously,” he told the Des Moines Register.

“I’ve never seen a sitting president and his allies this frightened about who may be the nominee.”

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