Warren claims GOP Senate empowered Trump to ‘conspire with foreign governments’

After the Republican majority in the Senate voted against new witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial, 2020 Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren chastised them for giving him permission to “conspire with foreign governments to undermine” votes.

The blocking of new witnesses effectively paves the way for the president’s acquittal, which could come by Wednesday, earlier reports noted.

Because of that, Warren claimed Friday that Republicans have “let the American people down” while touting a debunked Democrat talking point, proclaiming that the GOP has given the president “permission to conspire with foreign governments to undermine your vote.”

“The GOP has shown where they stand—and it’s not with you,” she said on Friday, referring to Americans.

“The only force that’s powerful enough to stop Trump and the Republicans is us—the American people. They want us to be discouraged and feel hopeless because they’re afraid of what will happen when we all come together and take up each other’s fights,” she continued.

“In this moment of crisis, I know we’ll protect our democracy by standing up for ourselves and each other,” she added. “We have defeated corruption before. We have changed our system together before. And we will do it again.”

President Trump and his defenders have said repeatedly that he did nothing wrong in encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate allegations of corruption involving Joe and Hunter Biden, as well as 2016 election interference by Ukrainian officials working with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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