Poll: Most likely voters say they’ve had enough of ‘political correctness’

More than four-of-five likely voters said in a survey last week they have had their fill of so-called “political correctness.”

The December survey found that more than 57 percent of respondents strongly agreed while nearly 24 percent somewhat agreed with this statement: “Political correctness has gone too far. Today everybody is offended by the smallest thing.”

Just 13.4 percent disagreed, while 4.8 percent were strongly opposed to that statement.

The poll was conducted online among 1,000 likely voters Dec. 4–11 by GS Strategy Group, a marketing research company run by former Republican campaign pollster Greg Strimple, The Epoch Times reported.

Pollsters also asked how American businesses should respond to political correctness.

More than 65 percent picked the response, “There is no way for American businesses to make everyone happy. They need to run their businesses in a way that appeals to the broadest swath of Americans.”

Less than 23 percent picked the response, “American businesses should adapt their business models and products to avoid offending certain consumers.”

As for issues the American business community should be addressing, 43 percent said the most important of all the options was, “Ensuring American workers receive competitive wages and benefits.”

The next most popular response, at 10.6 percent, was “Upskilling the American workforce to have 21st century job skills.”

Asked about their impression of the business community, more than 56 percent of likely voters selected the response that businesses are most interested in “Maximizing profits for shareholders.” Less than 20 percent picked “Providing customers the best quality product for the best price,” and slightly more than 9 percent picked, “Supporting the communities in which they work.”

Less than 7 percent said “Compensating their employees fairly.”

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