Hero in Texas church shooting said scores more would have died under Bloomberg’s gun control

Jack Wilson, whose heroic actions saved lives during a near-mass shooting at a Texas church, said 2020 Democratic presidential contender Mike Bloomberg’s gun control positions would have left congregants defenseless.

On December 29, 2019, an attacker opened fire on congregants at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

Within seconds the shooter was engaged and kill by armed congregant Wilson, while other armed congregants also drew their handguns and walked toward the shooter.

“I feel like I killed evil,” Wilson said the following day.

In comments following the shooting, Bloomberg said he did not think church congregants should be armed, though he praised the heroics of Wilson and the others.

Wilson warned that Bloomberg’s gun control would have cost congregants’ lives the day of the attack, because they would have been defenseless until police arrived, Fox News reported.

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“Even though the White Settlement police department did arrive in roughly two minutes from the time the first call went it, by that time…the carnage would have been much, much worse,” Wilson said.

He also suggested that if Bloomberg would give up his armed guards he could better understand what most Americans face when it comes to armed assailants.

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