NY Times editorial board paints Trump supporters as ‘white nativists’

The New York Times Editorial Board came out in support of two 2020 Democratic presidential contenders on Sunday in an unconventional screed that broadly smeared supporters of President Donald Trump as “white nativists.”

In backing Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), the Times board wrote, “The incumbent president, Donald Trump, is clear about where he is guiding the Republican Party — white nativism at home and America First unilateralism abroad, brazen corruption, escalating culture wars, a judiciary stacked with ideologues and the veneration of a mythological past where the hierarchy in American society was defined and unchallenged.”

One link in the online version of the op-ed is to an  from October that accused Republicans of protecting Trump politically from the consequences of what the paper considers misconduct — claims which mirror those of House Democrats’ two articles of impeachment.

The Times noted that its endorsement is a “break from convention” in that it is supporting two presidential contenders, both women and both of whom are Democrats.

The editorial goes onto condemn the tens of millions of Americans who voted for the president and, according to recent polling, are planning on doing so again.

“On the Democratic side, an essential debate is underway between two visions that may define the future of the party and perhaps the nation,” the editorial read.

“Some in the party view President Trump as an aberration and believe that a return to a more sensible America is possible. Then there are those who believe that President Trump was the product of political and economic systems so rotten that they must be replaced,” editors noted further.

“Choosing who should face off against Mr. Trump also means acknowledging that Americans are being confronted with three models for how to govern this country, not two,” it said.

“Democrats must decide which of their two models would be most compelling for the American people and best suited for repairing the Republic.”

President Trump is currently presiding over the most impressive stock market rise in the country’s history, as well as record-low unemployment across all demographics. Republicans have said the articles of impeachment against him are not based on any “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as required by the Constitution.

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