ICE director blames NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s ‘sanctuary’ policy for death of 92-year-old woman by illegal alien

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matthew Albence on Friday blamed New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s policy of shielding illegal aliens from deportation for the death of a 92-year-old woman.

Reeaz Khan, a 21-year-old illegal alien from Guyana, was arrested late last week and charged with sexually assaulting and murdering Maria Fuertes by strangling her to death on a sidewalk in Richmond Hill, Queens.

Khan first arrived in New York City on a B-2 tourist visa in May 2016 but never departed, overstaying his visa for three years, Breitbart News reported.

NYPD officers charged Khan with assault and criminal possession of a weapon on Nov. 27. Shortly thereafter, ICE agents filed a detainer request with the NYPD, asking them to turn him over to federal authorities upon his release from custody.

But the request was ignored, per the policy of the de Blasio administration, and he was allowed back into the general public.

De Blasio later defended the NYPD for releasing Khan, which Albence heavily criticized.

“Time and time again, our efforts and our warnings to the disastrous consequences of noncooperation and even outright interference have gone unheard resulting in tragedies such as this one — countless victims whose lives are forever scarred at the hands of illegal criminal aliens,” Albence said in a statement.

“As long as politicians continue to put their own self-interest over those they’ve sworn to protect, and frankly, those who actually put them in office, this tragic situation will be repeated again and again,” the acting ICE director continued.

“Make no mistake, it is this city’s sanctuary policies that are the sole reason that this criminal was allowed to roam the streets freely and end an innocent woman’s life,” he said.

Albence also noted that had the NYPD turned Khan over to immigration authorities, Fuertes “would be alive today.”

“So here I am again, pleading to the people of New York City and to the people of other sanctuary cities, let ICE help you,” he said. “Let us help you keep your communities safe.

“We can actually prevent crimes such as these brutal sexual offenses and murders like we saw here this past week. These [sanctuary] policies plain and simple … make all of us less safe, which is the opposite of the primary goal of every law enforcement officer and law enforcement agency and every elected official should be,” Albence noted further.

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