Trump plans campaign rally in Wisconsin on night of next Democrat debate

President Donald Trump is planning to hold a campaign rally in Wisconsin Wednesday, the night of the next 2020 Democratic presidential debate, which promises to be uniquely entertaining.

“The timing of the Milwaukee rally is not an accident,” Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh told Breitbart News.

The president’s rally is expected to begin at 8:00 pm EST, while Democrats are expected to take the state in Iowa at 9:00 EST.

Many expect that the president will be a late arrival, however, as that is often the case, and may even extend into the time the debate kicks off.

“Voters have been subjected to an endless series of droning Democrat debates, so what better counter-programming could there be than a Trump Keep America Great rally?” Murtaugh said.

The Democrat presidential debate in Des Moines, Iowa, will be hosted by CNN, the last debate before the Iowa caucuses on February 3.

The president voiced sympathy for people watching the Democrat debates during a rally in Ohio last week.

“It’s like death, watching,” he said. “I should watch. You know, I’m supposed to watch. It’s like my job. Try and watch, watch the competition, but it’s like watching death. Those debates are boring.”

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