Kerry claims Trump’s story about targeting Soleimani is ‘a cover-up’

Former Secretary of State John Kerry told MSNBC on Monday that the version of events regarding the targeting of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani told by President Donald Trump and his administration are intentionally false, amounting to a “cover-up.”

“Obviously they’ve been all over the place, and in fact the decision we now learn to go after Soleimani was made in June,” Kerry told the network’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” program.

“We have heard all kinds of different stories imminence, about embassies, no there aren’t embassies this is a shifting story that is so shifting that I think is beginning to look like a coverup over their original choices,” he added.

“It really raises extremely serious questions about avoiding the responsibility to engage Congress when you have a calculated program for assassination that you have decided to implement months ahead of time and you haven’t even shared that because of the consequences potentially of going to war,” Kerry continued.

“And we literally came to the brink of war based on that decision. I think Congress and the American ever people have every right to be deeply upset over yet again another cover-up from the Trump administration.”

President Trump, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have all said that U.S. and Western intelligence indicated that Soleimani was preparing to strike again, probably at U.S. diplomatic installations in Iraq and elsewhere around the Middle East.

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For his part, Kerry has regularly defended the Iranian regime he negotiated with as head of President Obama’s efforts to strike a nuclear deal with Tehran.

“It’s a sad day when the United States of a America has to rely on the decision of a regime that we neither like nor trust to have them be the ones who behave, somehow, in a way that somehow saves Donald Trump from his own decision,” he told Matthews Monday.

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