Trump says he doesn’t want to delay Senate impeachment trial over Iran

President Donald Trump wants to move forward with an impeachment trial in the Senate without delay, noting that he wouldn’t let the escalating situation with Iran interfere, according to his top counselor.

In an interview with reporters, Kellyanne Conway responded to a question over whether the president sought to delay the trial so he can focus on dealing with Iran.

“It looks like Nancy Pelosi favors a delay in the impeachment process, because she hasn’t bothered to send over the articles of impeachment from the House. Which is it?” Conway said.

“Is the president is an imminent threat to the republic, a clear and present danger who must be removed immediately? Or did she take a little mini-sabbatical over the break and has decided when to send over the articles of impeachment?” she added.

After majority House Democrats returned two articles of impeachment against Trump last month, Pelosi announced immediately afterward that she did not have plans to transmit them to the Senate until she is assured of “a fair trial.”

Republicans blasted her for that, saying the House has no say in how an impeachment trial is to be conducted because the Constitution says the Senate has the “sole power” conduct impeachment trials.

The GOP also said Pelosi is simply delaying an inevitable acquittal because there is no real evidence the president has done anything wrong, a point that Conway reiterated Monday.

“Why would he want to delay the trial? He knows the trial is going nowhere. He wants a full and fair trial, but that doesn’t mean a lengthy one,” she said of the president.

Those articles of impeachment are very thin,”  Conway added.

“They know their case is very weak. They know their case was very obtuse, was very weak, very specious, and she won’t send those over. So, delay a trial for what reason? I mean, let’s get on with it already,” said Conway.

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