RNC chief disputes claim that Republican women in Congress ‘going extinct’

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Rona McDaniel on Thursday disputed a New York Times opinion piece declaring that GOP woman “on the brink of extinction” in the House and Senate.

“I think this is fake news,” McDaniel told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “The House has recruited 181 women to run for Congress heading into 2020,” McDaniel told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” about the opinion piece by historian and author Dr. Nancy Cohen.

“It’s a record,” she added.

McDaniel said Republican women were lining up to run for Congress because they are bringing a message that President Donald Trump’s policies worked for them.

In particular, she said, the doubling of the child tax credit and the creation of new jobs and opportunities has benefitted women around the country.

“Over 4 million jobs have gone to women,” and unemployment is at a record low said McDaniel.

In the Times, Cohen said Republicans are ringing in 2020 with just 13 women in the House, the lowest figure since 1993, and eight women in the Senate. That compares to 88 Democratic women in the House and 17 Democratic women in the Senate.

Cohen claimed that the president’s “misogyny” and the party’s far-Right stance on issues such as abortion and LGBTQ rights, guns, and immigration are driving away many female voters.

McDaniel disputed that.

“They always ignore women that are leading the way in the Republican Party, like a Kellyanne Conway, like an Ivanka Trump, like Elaine Chao, Gina Haspel, me, being only the second woman to chair the RNC, raising record money,” she said.

“I think that’s a false headline and women all over this country recognize that President Trump’s policies are working for them.”

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