Under Trump economic policies, incomes for lowest U.S. earners rises most in a decade

The bottom 25 percent of wage earners in the United States have seen their pay rise more than it has in a decade under President Donald Trump, according to a new study by the Federal Reserve of Atlanta.

The wages of the lower-most quarter grew by 4.5 percent in November from a year earlier, according to the Fed, while wages for the top 25 percent increased by 2.9 percent over the same period, The Epoch Times reported.

The last time the wages of the bottom 25 percent of wage earners grew at 4.5 percent was in August 2008, before the Great Recession, and before that in October 2002.

Growth in the lowest percentile of wage earners is indicative of a tightening labor market, according to analysts.

The Fed also discovered that the highest wage growth in November was attributable to workers in finance and business services (4.1 percent).

They were closely followed by manufacturing (4.0 percent), and construction and mining (4.0 percent).

Meanwhile, employees in the education and health sectors experienced the lowest earnings gains in the same month, clocking in at 3.0 percent.

Also in November, all three high, medium, and low-skill wage earners saw pay increase by 3.6 percent.

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