Lawsuit could force Wisconsin to drop 234,000 names from voter registration rolls ahead of 2020 election

A lawsuit being filed on Wednesday by a conservative organization could force the state of Wisconsin to drop about 234,000 names from voter registration rolls before the 2020 election.

If successful, the suit would require those voters to re-register before they can cast ballots in the April primaries and the general election in November, but liberals fear the suit could dampen turnout among Democrats next year.

Wisconsin is a key swing state that President Donald Trump narrowly won by 23,000 votes in 2016. Both sides are targeting the Badger State for 2020.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, in its lawsuit, claims that the Wisconsin Elections Commission violated the law when it decided to wait as long as two years to deactivate voters who may have moved out of state.

The law requires voters to respond within 30 days of receiving an October mailing or be stricken from voter registration rolls, according to the suit.

Last month, the commission rejected a complaint from the group, also known as WILL, saying it was confident that commissioners were in compliance with the law.

In October, the commission mailed notices to some 234,000 voters who were identified as having possibly moved after being flagged by a review of documents from other sources including the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Post Office.

Voters who fail to respond to the postcard asking for address confirmation will be flagged as having moved.

However, thanks to a June vote by the commission, those people would still have two years to confirm their addresses, meaning they’d still be able to vote next year.

The suit by WILL asks a judge to require the commission to deactivate any of the 234,000 voters who received notice in October that it appears they moved and did not respond within 30 days.

The suit also says that voters would face no “hardship” because they could register the day of voting at polling places, so long as they complied with other state requirements including presentation of an acceptable form of ID and proof of residence.

1 thought on “Lawsuit could force Wisconsin to drop 234,000 names from voter registration rolls ahead of 2020 election”

  1. this is so overdue. It’s possible any number of them moved inside Wisconsin but I doubt it. This will automatically stop fake votes and a quarter million is a VERY large bloc for a state that size.

    Now, about Mexifornia, and Illinois, and New York/New Jersey…

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