Eating too much cheese increases risk of prostate cancer: Study

A new study sanctioned by the American Osteopathic Association found that consuming too much cheese and other dairy products can produce an increased risk of developing prostate in men.

According to , men who regularly consumed cheese, milk, butter and yogurt appeared to have a 76 percent increased risk of developing this disease.

“Our review highlighted a cause for concern with high consumption of dairy products,” John Shin, lead researcher from Mayo Clinic, said. “Since dairy products are rich in calcium, this raises the possibility of calcium playing an important role in the link between dairy and prostate cancer.”

If so, researchers suggested that taking supplements designed to lower calcium levels in men who consume more dairy products may prove useful.

Researchers gathered data from more than 47 studies analyzing the diets of over 1 million men.

In addition, researchers found that men who followed a more plant-based diet also had a 59 percent decreased risk of developing prostate cancer.

“It’s too early to know if dairy increases prostate cancer risk,” Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D., said. “Prostate and breast cancers may be associated with all factors that increase inflammation such as red meat, dairy, processed meat, obesity, lack of exercise and consumption of fried foods.”

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