Study: Millennials perform more ‘good deeds’ than older generations

Millennials — Americans born after 1981 — have gotten a bad reputation for feeling “entitled” and being “lazy,” but like many stereotypes, a new study suggests those characterizations are untrue.

In fact, the study found that Millennials, on average, perform more good deeds than do members of older generations.

A survey of 1,000 Millennials and 1,000 adults over the age of 38 commissioned by clothing company Pact measured several favorable actions ranging from sending a kind text, picking up litter, or comforting a friend in need, which was described as a “good deed.”

Many of the actions were related to the environment. Along those lines, 83 percent of millennial respondents said they try to be environmentally conscious, compared to only 77 percent for the older group.

“Paradoxically, the ability to make big change comes through small acts,” says Kamie Kennedy, chief revenue officer of Pact, in a statement.

“When a consumer chooses the eco-friendly option, the manufacturers of those products can aggregate all of that consumer preference and force real change in industries, labor practices and health standards. While choices are made individually, change is made collectively.”

In addition, Millennials also seem to be more careful with their words and actions. Fifty-five percent said they believe their good deeds outweigh the bad, compared to just 30 percent for the older group.

In terms of shopping, most Millennials — 68 percent — said they would not patronize a business that did not share their ethics, compared to 46 percent from the older group.

As far as shopping goes, millennials are more entrenched in their beliefs: 68% say they will not patron an establishment whose ethics don’t gel with their own, while only 46% of respondents from the older group shared the same sentiment. Additionally, millennials are twice as likely to buy organic food (11% vs. 6%) and buy organic clothes (10% vs. 4%).

The most common ‘good deeds’ performed by Millennials, according to the study, are:

1.) Liking a friend’s post on Instagram
2.) Commenting on a friend’s social media post
3.) Sending a kind text
4.) Giving a compliment
5.) Smiling at a stranger
6.) Holding the door open for someone
7.) Being a shoulder to cry on
8.) Shopping at small businesses
9.) Help someone with tech issues
10.) Picking up litter

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