Kamala Harris slashing campaign staff as cash shortage looms ahead of possible drop-out

Sen. Kamala Harris, one of several remaining 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, is cutting campaign staff as a cash shortage looms while other candidates rise in the polls.

Politico reported that the California Democrat’s sagging poll numbers are making it difficult for her to raise enough funds to continue her effort.

In addition to laying off some staff, the Harris campaign will also be slashing salaries for other members.

Harris campaign manager Juan Rodriguez announced the “organizational realignment” in a memo to campaign staff.

He and other campaign consultants will take a cut in pay as existing contracts will be renegotiated at lower rates.

Meanwhile, campaign staff at the Baltimore headquarters will be reduced and redeployed to Iowa, the report said.

The campaign intends to use the extra money to implement a “minimum 7-figure paid media campaign” in Iowa before the Democratic caucus in February.

Some political experts say the decision to cut staff and salaries comes ahead of Harris exiting the race at some point in the near future.

That could pave the way for a more experienced candidate with better name recognition, including Hillary Clinton, to jump in.

Harris received just 3 percent in the most recent USA Today/Suffolk poll, after polling as high as 20 percent in late June.

That puts her behind Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii,) whom she once mocked for sagging poll numbers.

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